goedefroo + goedefroo

goedefroo+goedefroo architects is a dynamic, enterprising agency of architects built around the brothers Sven and Gunnar Goedefroo, established in 1990.

During the past thirty years, the agency, located in West Flanders, has undertaken assignments in Belgium and the Netherlands, concentrating on utility buildings, offices, shops and to a lesser degree to private dwellings. Public accommodations, renovation projects and urban development assignments are also undertaken.

Due to the increasing technicality of the building process and a steady belief in a generalistic and at the same time case-specific approach, the brothers have surrounded themselves with a multidisciplinary team of about ten employees, among which architects, urban developers, engineers and interior decorators.To them, ‘ a general approach is of paramount importance. A project must be looked at from various angles in order for them to gain a complete picture of the nature of it.A ‘ case-specific work method is indispensible because the context and the culture of a place have to be known before a fully-fledged creative process can come about.
goedefroo+goedefroo architectscan rely on a rational decision making process which is engrained in a structured and objective way into the organisation of the agency.
Work methods and quality objectives were listed in an internal quality manual.This among others provides for a flexible company structure, a clear communication system, a tight financial policy and a continuous education policy, with an eye on the predetermined quality standards.

This no-nonsense approach enables an inspiring cooperation between the various disciplines and puts another favourite topic of the agency in the spotlight: the one of building in a more sustainable, creative and performant way.